Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fighting Basics

Fighting Basics

For you high level players, I guess you don't need this anymore.. but I believe they are lots of newbies who still need guidance on this topic.

You need to have at least 501 mafia family members, the bigger the better! You can fight with up to 501 mafia members, and each can use one weapon, one armor, and one vehicle. The game will use the weapon, armor, and vehicle with the highest attack value when attacking and the highest defense value when you are attacked. It will use Loot items over Inventory items, meaning it will use the .50 Caliber Rifle over the Chain Gun.

Go to this page to see The Loot Items with the Highest Att/Def.

Attack and Defense Skill Points

It is a common misconception that with a large mafia and good weapons there is no need to put a lot into attack and defense skill points. THIS IS FALSE. They are the biggest factor in determining the winner of fights. A good rule of thumb is to keep them at least double your level.
Attack and Defense Skill Points are not added together when fighting, Although it was  calculated together in previous system before July. Attack will help to win the fights & success you in robbing. Defense will protect you from attack and being robbed. Attack & Defense point Must be high for a good fighter.

See here New Mafia Wars Combat Formula 

Health and Fighting

You can only attack someone when they are over 20 health. (except on the hitlist) Once under 20 health they are considers iced or to weak to fight. If they log out at that point, the system will not register them as healed enough to fight until they log back in the game. People use this method to hide from retaliation after using their stamina.

Fight List

From Levels 1-179 the fight list will show you opponents close to your level. Once you hit level 180 the fight list will show levels from 180 to the highest level in the game. To find people in your fight range when this happens look at the names on the hitlist or people from capo fights in your news feed. Don't be surprised at being attacked by people hundreds of levels above you. You see them on your fight list, they see you on theirs.

Well, sometimes there are bugs appear.. I often see on my mafia's wall that they still lower levels (example : level 100) but the fight list full of very higher levels (example : level 800) or more. This never happen to me.. but let's hope our Zynga team members could find a way to fix this.

I am giving Credit to Gabby Buck as she helps to correct the mistakes.